We make most of our 31 flavors of hand scooped ice cream right here in our shop. Our soft serve is REAL ice cream made with cream from Marburger Dairy. Our coffee is rich and bold, never bitter.

We support local business! 

Mazzanti's Beans and Cream

    Our Hours

    Saturday, Sunday, Monday  –  11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Tuesday to Friday  –  10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



    Come on in and HELP us HELP those battling cancer!

    in JULY we support Riding for the Cure by asking that you drop your change to help those fighting cancer LOCALLY.
    Our specials are all PINK!

    2.50 – 12 oz. Raspberry Latte – hot or iced

    3.00 – 12 oz. Raspberry CooLatte – soft serve, real espresso blended

    3.50 – 12 oz. Raspberry Frozen Latte (frappe) – real espresso, ice, blended

    3.50 – 12 oz.   Strawberry Smoothie

    On going special……
    ICED COFFEE…. 1.00 any size
    .45 for flavor  /  1.00 for a shot



    Bulletin Board

    After 11 seasons,  people are surprised to learn we have soft serve!!?? It’s REAL ice cream, not ice milk!
    We also make sherbert….. Wonder Woman is running now – Blue Moon and Strawberry  twisted or alone.
    So….. to help you experience the REAL thing…..  
    3 to 6
    1.00 small soft serve cone (or cup) – no sprinkles or nuts please.


    Call ahead for pints and quarts
    We’ll have them ready for you

    PLEASE  – Don’t leave a message between 6 and 10 p.m.  Wait  for several minutes then call back.
    These are the busiest hours so if we don’t answer we may not get back to listen to the message beforre closing.
    Thank you for understanding.