Mazzanti's Beans & Cream

Tuesday -  Friday                            7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday -  Monday                   11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


New Flavors by You 

Beans and Cream - Chocolate covered espresso bean chunks were mixed throughout our wonderful vanilla bean! by Robbie Sherrouse

Tom's Nutter Butter - Tom's (Cummings' Candy and Coffee House) fabulous chocolate covered Nutter Butters have been stirred into our creamy milk chocolate ice cream and topped off with a Peanut butter swirl!  by Karen Dunn
Available BY CHANCE depending on the nutter butters!

Coffee Dough - Cookie dough pieces have been generously added to a coffee based creamy, heavenly ice cream and a rich fudge swirl  finished it off! by Rachel Ledford 
This has been a HUGE success so we are putting it on the menu.

LA-TE-DA - this is our most adventurous flavor so far... Matcha tea was infused into our scrumptious vanilla ice cream, then we gently mixed in just a hint of culinary lavender. A one of a kind that you must try. by Michelle Steighner
We are about to make another batch with a lavender syrup swirl to replace the culinary lavender flowers.

PEOPLES (gas) will donate $.50 of the first 2,000 items sold to Riding For The Cure.
LOCAL supporting LOCAL supporting LOCAL

We and WISR Radio Group, together, will donate $.50 for every STRAWBERRY and COTTON CANDY scoop
to Riding For The Cure.

We are helping WISR Radio Group celebrate their 75th Anniversary with a special flavor - WISR Radio Blast!
We have smashed chocolate cake and chocolate frosting into our rich creamy Vanilla Bean - cake smash!
Come on in and have a scoop.